About us


We are a family owned organisation and we all share the same goal – to provide outstanding care services for our clients, and to provide the reassurance and peace of mind that their families require.

With a number of residential care homes throughout the Midlands and the South West, we are proud of the reputation that we have attained, and the highest levels of quality, care and nursing that our clients have come to enjoy.

Our Chairman, Mr Arvind Patel is a qualified Pharmacist and, along with the senior management teams, nursing and care staff, is committed to providing a level service which sets a new standard for care services, and one which is based on compassion, professionalism and most importantly respect.

We never underestimate the role we play in the safety, welfare and quality of life that our residents require from us, and we take very seriously the role we all play in the day to day lives of all who come to stay with us.


Our business is built around the importance of family, and the very great role that the older generations play. This is one of the key reasons why we are totally committed to providing a service where trust, respect and integrity go hand in hand with nursing and personal care.

We hold all the required accreditations and approvals that govern our industry and work alongside the CQC and IIP to continually improve the service that we offer. However, we feel very strongly that our responsibility goes beyond this.

From the first welcome that our residents and families receive from the moment they walk in the door, to the day to day interactions that our teams provide; whether through nursing care, activities and events or simply sharing a cup of tea and a chat, we want every moment to be one where those in our care know that they are safe and protected.

Quarterly Internal Audits

The 3ab Care Group is committed to providing a high level of service and care at all our locations.

The Homes comply with all the requirements of the Care Quality Commission (CQC ) and other Care regulatory authorities.

The Homes’ commitment to maintaining high standards on an ongoing basis has prompted the Group to install a process of ‘Quarterly Internal Audits’ to ensure continuous monitoring of our Homes and standards of care.

This process is in addition to the CQC and local Council inspections and is carried out by our own Care Home Managers. Each Care Home Manager is placed on a rotating schedule to audit/inspect the other locations in the 3ab care Group.

To see the latest report, please click  the link below.

Internal Audit Ratings August/September 2021

Internal Audit Ratings – December 2021

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Internal Audit Ratings – July 2022

Internal Audit Ratings – November 2022

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Internal Audit Ratings – January 2024

See what our chairman Mr Arvind Patel says

We take great pride in the role that we play. And we are committed to providing the very best level of care for all who come to stay with us.

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Quality facilities

We pride ourselves on the unique and individual nature of each of our homes from the buildings themselves to the dedicated teams who work there.

However, when it comes to quality, peace of mind, security and safety all every 3AB Care Home has the same rigid, high standards and processes. Regardless of which home you visit, the 3AB signature can be seen, both in fixed facilities and the finishing touches and services that we provide.

Care Quality Commission

Working closely with the CQC, we continually evolve the facilities and services that we offer, the qualifications and training of all of our teams, and set out new ways to bring a little something extra to the lives of those in our care.

Activities co-ordinator

Organised excursion

TV and phone sockets in all rooms

Stair lifts

24hr security

Catering for all dietary requirements

Unrestricted visiting hours

Medical and Beauty therapies

Occupational and speech therapies

Courtesy Car service

Birthday celebrations

Seasonal Events